Wisdom is Community – September 27, 2020

Sermon Outlines

Wisdom – Week 5

• Walking wisely, or wise living comes from knowing who you are in Christ. Right living flows from right understanding.
• Our salvation is no guarantee you will walk wisely and avoid landmines, hurtful decisions with terrible consequences. We are called to walk carefully.
• God is eternal Community: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
• We are made in His image and need community.
• We are susceptible to counterfeit or noxious, toxic community, even on our devises. (See: The Social Dilemma on Netflix)
• True Community is the “called out ones” ecclesia, the church, gathered together having connected with God, who has chosen, adopted, redeemed, forgiven, accepted, assigned, revealed His will to us.
• True community is people from all walks of life now being fitted together into a habitation of God in the Spirit.
• The wisdom of God is revealed through the church, even teaching the angels.
• The Church is the body of Christ, He is the head, each member playing their part to grow us up to be more like Jesus. We need each other.
• Koinonia—fellowship can only be experienced together.

Wisdom Contends for the Faith – September 20, 2020

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Wisdom – Week 4

• A 7th “C” regarding wisdom from God:
o Contends for the faith
• The 6 wise practices from Jude for contending for the faith:
o Keep watch for perversions of the true Gospel
o Remember the teachings and predictions of the Apostles.
o Build up your faith
o Pray in the Spirit
o Keep in the love of God
o Have mercy on those who doubt and share your faith.
• There are no neutral relationships.

His Way Not Our Way – September 13, 2020

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Wisdom – Week 3

The 6 C’s regarding wisdom from God:
• Comes from the Spirit
• Consistent with God’s Word
• Conflicts with man’s ways
• Clashes with our sinful nature
• Challenges our faith
• Calls us to courage

1. Applying Wisdom in your life refreshes your bones and brings healing to your souls.
2. Our first reaction to circumstance is usually the wrong one.
3. We must be born again to hear from God’s Spirit.
4. Renouncing our own thinking is a great staring block to discern God’s wisdom.

Wisdom is a Verb – September 6, 2020

Sermon Outlines

• 2020 Vision for The Bride Church: That we would love well and grow into the likeness of Christ.
• Wisdom is relational.
• Wisdom from us produces disorder.
• Wisdom from God produces righteousness and peace.
• Harvests can’t happen without planting. Sew peace. Harvest righteousness.

We Need Wisdom – August 30, 2020

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Wisdom – Week 1

• Stop. Slow down and reflect on the way you walk.
• Do not be unwise, but wise.
• Make the best use of your time.
• Redeem the time.
• Greek: kairos – decisive moment in time; season.
• This is a crossroads moment in time, separating our past and propelling us into the future; a walk that brings us into a new frontier and a new future,
• Wisdom separates us from the world, the flesh, and the devil.
• The days are evil.

Judgement in Glory – August 23, 2020

Sermon Outlines

God is not torn between love and justice.
To be truly loved, one must be truly known. God truly knows us.
Love does not exist in the absence of judgement, only in the presence of it.
We must see justice and love as coming together.
Moralizing is making a judgement and not acting upon it.
Compassion conveys a sense of passing a moral judgement but acting on it.
Whenever you extend mercy, you always do it at the expense of justice.
Reconciliation with God Himself, should be the reason we want to be forgiven.
The trajectory of a soul that lives a self-centered life will be granted what he/she wants.