God is For You

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You matter to God and you matter to us. We want you to feel welcome at The Bride Church, but more importantly we hope that this can be a place where you connect with God and other people. Please take a moment to fill out this form so that we can pre-register your children for kids church. If you are coming alone, that’s ok too. You’re welcome to come whether you use this form or not. We just want to get to know you and make sure that you can feel at home at The Bride Church. 

What’s it Like at The Bride Church?

The best way to describe services at The Bride Church is a family gathering. We are more than friends who come and sing a few songs followed by a preacher sharing the Word. We are a welcoming family that cares deeply for each other and our community. The message is always founded on Scripture and applicable to life today. Some things that may be familiar to you from past church experiences include worship through contemporary music as well as hymns, worship through the giving of tithes and offerings, announcements about what is going on in the church, and communion every week.


A Typical Service at The Bride Church

The first thing you might notice is a welcoming atmosphere and people greeting you on your way in. Through the front doors to the right is a welcome counter where kids can be checked in to the children’s ministry, and you can ask any questions you might have about the church.

Beyond the lobby area is the sanctuary where we gather to worship, pray, and receive God’s teaching through His Word. The service generally opens with a song or two of worship with a band that ranges from a couple singers and a guitar to a full band with drums, keyboards, and guitars. The volume is loud enough to be engaging, but not so loud that you can’t hear others singing around you. We then take a moment to say hello and connect with others who are worshipping with us. This is just one way that we show our love for each other.

After greeting each other, there are usually one or two things going on at or through the church that we draw attention to. Sometimes Scripture is read during this time and/or we enter into a time of prayer followed by financial giving as an act of worship. We then continue worship through song before the message.

Messages (sermons) range from topical to expository and are always built on the foundation of Scripture. Our Lead Pastor, Bob Ouzts, preaches a majority of the year, but speakers include other pastors/elders, worship leaders, and members of our youth leadership team as well. Near the end of the message, there is often an invitation to make the most important decision of anyone’s life. That is the decision to follow Christ. It is truly a celebration whenever anyone decides to give their life over to our Savior.

Our final act of corporate worship together is to remember the person and work of Christ for our salvation through communion. Cups with bread and juice are distributed to everyone who wishes to celebrate communion. By closing the service with this sacred act, we are reminded that Christ is with us everywhere we go.


What Should I Wear?

You can generally wear whatever is comfortable to you. If that’s shorts and a t-shirt with a hat, great! If you’re more into the business casual feel, then go for it. You can even wear a suit if that’s your style. If you are worried that you won’t fit in because of what you are wearing, go with jeans and a t-shirt or polo and you’ll fit in with a majority of the congregation.

Children’s Ministry

Seedlings is the children’s ministry of The Bride Church. It is our desire to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their children by creating a safe environment that builds trust. Seedlings Children’s Ministry establishes consistent, caring relationships where the Gospel is presented and modeled, and affirms and develops spiritual gifts which glorify God.

Through this extended season of changes due to Covid-19, the landscape of ministry is fluid from week to week. Currently, we have a full children’s ministry available from nursery through 6th grade during both Sunday services.

Location and Times

Sunday Worship Gathering
8:45 & 11:00 am

Church Online
8:45 & 11:00 am

1321 Peach Tree Lane
Yuba City, CA 95993


Called Out Youth
Mondays – 6:00 pm

Craftsmen for Christ
Serve – Tuesdays – 7:00 am
Grow – Tuesdays – 6:30 pm

The Bride Church

1321 Peach Tree Lane
Yuba City, CA 95993