April 7, 2024

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Key Scriptures

Key Points

  • The Battle at Ai was lost because of hidden sin.
  • Hidden sin and its consequences hurt everyone in the community.
  • Joshua could’ve taken all 40,000 men and still lost the battle at Ai because God’s protection was removed.
  • Hidden secrets, much like hidden sin, keep us in fear, shame, isolation, and insecurity.
  • Reasons for hiding the truth include fear, loss of reputation, consequences, and rejection.
  • All sin is forgiven when confessed to God, but another measure of healing is achieved when confessed to one another and prayed for.
  • There is new life, including new measures of grace, when secrets are revealed.


  1. What does Achan’s story reveal to you about God’s view of disobedience?
  2. Have you ever experienced the hard work of covering and hiding? Explain.
  3. Share a time when confession lead to freedom. What changed?
  4. How does hidden sin affect families?