Love Covers

First Love – Week 4
May 9, 2021

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Key Scriptures

Key Points

  • God covered man’s first sin with animal skins.
  • Ham spread the news of Noah’s weakness and his other two sons covered it.
  • Love covers sin.
  • The blood of Jesus covers sin.
  • His love covered Peter’s sins, Paul’s sins, the woman at the well’s sins
  • His love covers our sins!
  • Jesus moves into the very place we try to cover.

Discussion Questions

  1. What personal take away do you have from this message?
  2. What happens to us when we understand the depth of His love?
  3. Are you a person that struggles with covering others’ sin? Be open and honest in your answer.
  4. Pray for the love and blood of Jesus to come and cover each other’s sin.