Caleb’s Patient Endurance

July 21, 2024

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Key Scriptures

Key Points

  • Caleb was told on the west side of the Jordon that he would inherent Hebron because he was fully faithful. 
  • Caleb asked for the upper hills of Hebron 45 years later and proclaimed his whole heartedness. 
  • Moses said Caleb had a different spirit. That same spirit is available to us today. 
  • Caleb’s patient endurance was forged in the wilderness as he and Joshua endured the grumbling and complaints of the unbelieving Israelites.
  • Caleb, at 85 years, old selected the land that was uphill and filled with fortified cities and giants. 
  • Caleb’s faith was in God’s promise; his courage exuded from this faith and his devotion was a grateful response to God’s Word.
  • Parallels between Caleb & Jesus:
    • Caleb was from the tribe of Judah. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah.
    • Jesus waited 30 years to begin His ministry and had to endure grumbling and mockery from his peers. Caleb waited 40 years before entering the land of Canna to begin his ministry and endured the complaints of his peers in the wilderness.
    • Caleb was content to be under the leadership of Joshua, to be second. Jesus was fully surrendered to the Father to support His mission.
    • Caleb saw the mountain of Hebron with its giants 45 years prior and wanted to conquer it. Jesus saw the hill at Golgotha before the foundation of the world and was destined to overcome.
    • Caleb knew it would be an uphill battle and that he would face giants. He was devoted to his call and took the giants out by faith. Jesus knew what was awaiting him on that hill: it was a cross. The giant was all our sin, and that giant was conquered!


  1. Have you ever served as second behind someone? What was that experience like for you? What did it reveal to you about your character? 
  2. Is there an area in your life that you have shrunk back from because of fear? How can faith in God’s promise help you overcome?
  3. How does the story of Caleb inspire you?
  4. Work as a group to draw additional parallels between Caleb and Jesus.