Infants – 5th Grade
Sunday Mornings
8:45 & 11:00am

The Bride Church “Seedlings” Children’s Ministry is under the umbrella of Family Ministry. We believe the church is called to enrich and encourage the most important task of Spiritual Parenting. It is our desire to partner with you in the spiritual development of our children by creating a safe environment that builds trust, establishes consistent, caring relationships, and affirms the development of spiritual gifts for God’s glory. Our purpose is to teach our children the awe-inspiring wonder of who God is, how to have a relationship with Him, and what it looks like to live our lives for Him and through Him.

Children of The Bride Church learn that they are a part of God’s Big Story, traveling from Genesis to Revelation and beyond as God’s redemptive plan unfolds through time, and recognizing it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that their lives will be supernaturally transformed.

There are 10 distinct environments we desire to create in children’s ministry and home:

  1.  Storytelling: The power of The Big God Story impacts our lives by giving us an awe-inspiring perspective into how God has been moving throughout history.
  2. Identity: Our true identity is who we are in Christ.
  3. Faith Community: God designed us to live in community and to experience Him in ways that can only happen in relationship with one another.
  4. Service: Children learn to ask, “What needs to be done?” as they allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate a sensitivity to others and a cause much bigger than themselves.
  5. Out of the Comfort Zone: Children learn to step our of their comfort zone and experience dependence on the Holy Spirit to equip and strengthen them beyond their natural abilities.
  6. Responsibility: Children learn to take ownership of their own spiritual walk and what it means to have a “call” on their lives.
  7. Course Correction: Biblical discipline involves a season of pain, and opportunity to build up in love, and a vision of a corrected path with healing at its core.
  8. Love and Respect: Children need an environment of love and respect in order to receive and give God’s grace because they too embody the very image of God.
  9. Knowing: Nothing is more important than children knowing and being known by God through a healthy relationship with Him and other believers.
  10. Modeling: Children learn what it means to put their faith into action with practical living displayed through biblical content.

Volunteers are the core of every ministry at The Bride Church, and children’s ministry is no different. After submitting to a background check, volunteers are given all the necessary tools to lead children into a personal, life-changing relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. We use Tru curriculum by David C. Cook Publishing, a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family empowered ministry philosophy that meets specific needs of today’s generation. Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip, and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to children.