He Marks Our Fears

Marked – Week 10
November 21, 2021

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Key Scriptures

Key Points

  • There are three “greats” (mega) in the account of the storm. A great storm, a great calm, and a great fear. The great fear of who this man is will be the most rewarding of the three megas!
  • Jesus has now proven his authority over all creation.
  • Jesus was asleep as a man but under full control as Creator of the universe.
  • Jesus was given authority to create the world from the Father.
  • He challenges his disciples to exercise faith when there is no control.
  • Control is a mirage in the face of God’s sovereignty.
  • Fear can lead to despair in believing that God does not care.
  • The internal storms in us emanate from not fully believing that God is with us and in control.
  • His promises will carry us to the “other side.”

Discussion Questions

  1. Share the area(s) of your life do you need to hear Jesus say, “Peace, be still.”
  2. Have you ever fallen into distress and blamed God for not caring?
  3. As a group, discuss ways to practice His presence.